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  1. What's everyone's least favourite season?

    Mon 20 June 2016

    So, I got a text out of the blue this morning with my friend asking me to help with my purely academic experience in game theory. I like to help others (and be distracted from real-world responsibilities), so I agreed to help.

    The setup

    My friend's office was playing a variation of the el Farol Bar problem, a classic problem in game theory. Game Theory is a branch of economics …

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  2. Cabinet Qualifications

    Sun 08 November 2015

    There's been a lot of discussion recently about the place of merit in Canada's executive branch. As a quick recap, the country's Cabinet, made up of elected MPs chosen by the Prime Minister, are the main part of government that oversees the government's operation, proposes laws, and generally calls the shots. The new Liberal government has found a first in producing the first cabinet in Canada's history which has just …

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  3. Hello, World!

    Tue 03 November 2015


    I'm Andrew Clarry. You might know me, and that's cool, thanks for reading. I would probably find it even cooler if you were reading this and you don't know me, but don't take it personally.

    Continuing on the assumption that you know me, you know I'm fond of the word vomit. If you pay attention closely, you'd also know that there's a lot of stuff I find really cool …

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